The annual symposium invites educators from Consortium schools and beyond to learn about and discuss current research and best practices for courses, co-curricular engagement, and agencies.

Save the date for the 2017 SHECP Symposium “Criminal Justice, Poverty, and Race” to be held on Monday, 31 July, in Lexington, Virginia. Topics to include: Just Policing; Just Prosecution, Defense, and Sentencing; Re-entry for Dignity and a “Productive” Life

2016 SHECP Symposium addressed “Childhood Literacy as a Public Health and Economic Imperative.” Held at Atlanta Speech School, Atlanta, Georgia, the program focused on childhood development from pregnancy through the third grade.  Speakers considered: 1) Brain development; 2) Parenting & families and their need for supportive neighborhoods, schools, labor markets, and public assistance. 3) Cost-benefit effectiveness of public investments in early childhood education outside the home.

News release about 2016 speakers and program
2016 Symposium Program

Maryanne Wolf

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“How the Reading Brain Teaches Us to Raise Literate Minds”

Walter Gilliam

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“Literacy Is Built on a Foundation of Authentic Everyday Interactions with and between Children: How We Lay (and Sometimes Undermine) that Foundation”

Marcia Carlson, Ph.D.

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“Growing Inequality in Family Patterns and Child Wellbeing”

Greg Duncan

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“Early Childhood Education: What Works and What Doesn’t?”

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