Are you inspired by:

  • A reciprocal learning experience in a distressed area?
  • Pursuing a potential career path?
  • Exploring a new city or town in the U.S.?
  • Living with other students who share these interests?
  • Enhancing your skills in budgeting resources?


Interns Speak:

  • “I loved that I was forced to be uncomfortable and confront assumptions that I had been making about people and situations for my entire life.”
  • “SHECP provided the face to face experience that I think everyone should have at least [once] during their academic career.”
  • “[It’s] one thing to learn about [poverty] from a book, but actually living and working in a community that has been drastically impacted [by] poverty teaches you so much more than a book ever could. “
  • “I think the most rewarding part of this experience came from living in a setting that was far out of my comfort zone, exposing me to a community that I would have never thought to immerse myself in.”

SHECP Summer Internships unite students with agencies that work in distressed communities. Students learn first-hand about the multiple dimensions of poverty in the United States by working for eight weeks to strengthen impoverished communities and working alongside individuals seeking to improve their communities. The agencies, located in both urban and rural sites, focus on a wide variety of areas, including: education, healthcare, legal services, housing, nutrition, social and economic needs, and community-building efforts. Students work with agencies that fit their intellectual interests in order to develop professional experience and skills for future civic involvement and employment.

This is a competitive application process available to students attending a member institution.  An online application and personal interview at your institution must be completed. Once accepted, students work with their university internship director and the SHECP internship coordinator in securing an internship.

The internship begins with a two-day opening conference and ends with a two-day closing conference. During the internship students live together in modest and safe housing, sharing meals and building new colleagues and friends.