Congratulations to those accepted as SHECP Interns.  Here is the timeline you can expect.

Earlier than February 8:

  • Accept your school’s offer to participate.
  • Review and sign the 2019 Participation Agreement and provide to your internship director. 
  • Provide completed W-9 form to your internship director.  (This will allow SHECP to provide you with a check for groceries and community in late May.  The IRS considers this income, so you will then receive an IRS 1099 form by February 2020.  If you file taxes you would need to include this as income.)

After February 6

  • Receive an email from Amy DeHart welcoming you to the SHECP Internship, with SHECP Internship Handbook.
  • Read handbook.
  • Register as a SHECP intern, providing information that was not needed for your application, but is needed for the internship.  This includes uploading a photo and providing emergency contact info and any dietary restrictions.
  • Sign-up for a phone consultation about possible internship placements with Amy DeHart.

February 6 – March 16:

  • Phone meeting to discuss internship goals and possible placements to finalize five internship choices.

By April 1:  

  • Student receives email notification of internship match.  Student will receive supervisor contact information.
  • Student phones supervisor within a day or to set up a phone interview.  Many supervisors are very busy and some can be hard to reach. The student is responsible for connecting with the agency supervisor for a matching conversation or date set within a week of email receipt.
  • After phone conversation, student and supervisor notify SHECP if the match is confirmed, or indicate it’s not a match and a new matching process begins.

By April 25:

By May 10:

  • SHECP will email housing, travel, and cohort information to interns.

By May 24:

  • SHECP mails checks to interns at permanent address identified on W-9 forms.
  • Check communications hub for important housing, travel, and cohort information.

June 6 -8:

Opening conference at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia.  Arrive Thursday between 2 – 5 pm for registration.

June 8:

Travel to internship city or town and check into housing. Settle in on Sunday, June 9.

Monday, June 10:

First day of work!

On or before 20 June

Intern and agency supervisor revisit CLA and tweak if needed.  Large changes or a change in supervisor should be submitted to college internship director and SHECP.

To Be Announced – Mid-summer meeting in your geographic area with SHECP representative

Thursday, August 1:

Final day of work!

August 2 – 4:

Closing Conference. Location TBD. Departures begin at 2 pm.

Additional activities prior to June:

  • Travel: In consultation with your school internship director, make travel arrangements for the first and last legs of travel this summer (e.g. to the Opening Conference and home following the Closing Conference)
  • Map your commute to work. Consider purchasing your monthly public transport pass before arrival in location.
  • Communicate with interns assigned to the same city (make a GroupMe!!!!)
  • Participate in on campus preorientation activities planned by your institution.

Commitment to the Program

SHECP interns fulfill their internship opportunity to best of their ability, including completing their full-time work (300 – 320 hours) and by participating in the Opening and Closing Conferences.

The internship and cohort must be the intern’s top priority and primary obligation. To fully participate in the experience, we ask that interns not hold any other form of employment during their summer work with the SHECP.

Students volunteer full-time (35 – 40 hours per week) with one holiday observance on July 4th.  In cases of illness, students must be in touch with their internship supervisor so the supervisor is fully informed. Three excused absences are the maximum permitted by the program.

On occasion, an intern has been excused from a day of work for a wedding of an immediate family member or for one in which they are an official participant.  In those rare cases, the intern must make arrangements in writing with SHECP, the member-school internship director, and the agency supervisor well before the internship begins.

In case of a personal or family emergency, please contact Amy DeHart, SHECP, 540-458-8164,or your school internship director.