SHECP Intern Essays

SHECP Interns have shared glimpses into their internship experience is the following essays.  Additional SHECP essays are available at the SHECP Medium site, Poverty Lessons and at the SHECP Alumni pages of this website.   Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in these essays are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty.

Why We Need Reform: The Baltimore Police

*Dannick Kenon’s internship with the Maryland Office of the Public Defender in Baltimore occurred alongside a developing investigation into evidence tampering and corruption charges within the Gun Trace Task Force of the Baltimore Police Department.

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Healing Homelessness

My internship at Miriam’s Kitchen (MK) was an experience that I’m still processing. When I arrived, it wasn’t exactly like I thought it would be, but that wasn’t a bad thing. It was an opportunity

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