2019 Program dates: June 6–Aug. 4, 2019
Application Deadline: Applications for Summer 2019 are now closed. Please return this fall for Summer 2020 deadlines.


  • We recommend that applicants be a sophomore or junior.  Many first-year students have enough life experience to participate. Graduating seniors are not eligible.
  • Student 18 years of age or older and in good academic standing at a SHECP Member-School.
  • Successful completion of the poverty introductory course, or other approved course.     
  • Situations in our program may be very stressful for some participants. Please review any ongoing medical or psychological needs you may have with your treating clinicians, carefully consider whether this is the right program for you, and discuss with us any appropriate accommodations you may require.

Application Process

Students complete the online application and upload the application packet.  Here is a PDF that summarizes the application and application process.   The packet includes:

  • Online application includes:
    • Three short essays
    • Identify one or more work-areas of interest and highlight five internships.  These must be in at least three different locations. Internship Search Database.
    • Resume (upload)
  • Additional information required off-line:
    • Campus Interview
    • One letter-of-recommendation
      • Letters are e-mailed by your school’s application deadline (and no later than January 17) directly from person making the recommendation to dehartak@shepherdconsortium.org
      • Letters are to be addressed to “Interview Committee Members”
      • Letters may address academic competency, level of maturity, flexibility, and readiness for a challenging, independent, professional learning experience.
      • Person making recommendation may be an previous or current employer, teacher, professors, pastor, or other person who knows you well.  It should not be your school’s internship director.
      • Please do not ask the address specific internship placements in the letter.

Internship Matching Process 

Once the member school has accepted a student as a SHECP Intern, the student will begin the internship matching process.  This process begins in February.

  1. A meeting is schedule with the SHECP Internship Director to discuss the internships highlighted on the application, as well as other internships in interest area.
  2. SHECP Internship Director matches the student with an organization, balancing the student preferences with commitments to organizations in different geographic regions and housing limitations. (Some placements prefer rising seniors or specific academic training.)
  3. Student and agency are notified of the match via email from SHECP. The agency receives the student’s resume , letter of recommendation, and some essay responses.
  4. The student initiates a phone interview with the agency, and both parties confirm the placement is a good match.  If one party feels it’s not a good match, the SHECP Internship Director will place the intern in another agency. This happens every year for a wide variety of reasons and is simple a step in identifying a suitable match.
  5. Once matched, the student develops with the agency supervisor a Community Learning Agreement (CLA) in preparation for the internship.  This helps to further align expectations.