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4 Ways You Can Help

SHECP is a nonprofit organization with a small budget and a big mission. We rely on the generosity of people like you to donate the time and money that makes our work possible.

1. Give

We need your support to sustain this combination of service to community agencies and education for a lifetime of initiatives to diminish poverty. When you give to SHECP, every dollar makes a difference…

2. Gifts in Kind

SHECP operates on a very tight budget. Some of our most impactful gifts have been donations in kind. We have been gifted office space, photography and airmiles. Each donation has helped to strengthen our program.

3. Local Action

SHECP works with 23 Universities and over 70 non profit agencies in 24 geographic locations. In each of these areas we need to find funding, affordable housing and community support. What agencies are making the biggest impact in your home town?

4. Join

To ensure that you are kept up to date with SHECP news and to help spread our message use the links below to join our email list and Facebook page.

Thank you for your support!

We could not do this without you.
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