SHECP By The Numbers


Colleges and Universities

SHECP is a collaboration between more than two-dozen colleges and universities that integrates rigorous classroom study of poverty with tailored and focused summer internships and co-curricular activities.

Hours of Service

Last summer SHECP intern provided approximately 33,880 hours of service. Our interns often serve as a force multiplier for our nonprofit partners. These agencies often serve hundreds on razor-thin budgets and the tension between limited resources and need makes their work difficult.


Students Placed in Internships

In 2019, SHECP provided 121 students with summer internships in 18 different geographic locations.

Partner Agencies

In 2019, SHECP partnered with 84 direct service providers across the country. These agencies work on the front lines of poverty and serve as co-educators to our students. They provide curious and capable students with full-time volunteer hands-on learning and structure and guidance for their work.


Conferences on Poverty

SHECP internships are fortified by an opening orientation, mid-summer discussions, and a culminating conference, providing time for learning, reflection, and an opportunity to form relationships for future collaboration.