The SHECP Community pivoted to a virtual format for the SHECP Summer Internship Program, which led to an
expanded experience for Interns, Community Partners, Member Schools and Alumni.

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SHECP 2020 Summer Internship Program

The majority of SHECP Interns stated that their academic coursework and summer internship experience
helped increase their knowledge of poverty causes, consequences and interventions.

2020 Interns by Nonprofit Sectors

“I am so thankful for the ways SHECP worked hard to find students internship and educational
opportunities during such unprecedented times.” ~SHECP Summer Intern

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Community Partners expressed a positive program experience due to interns’ contributions, professionalism and
knowledge of the specific agency’s role in addressing the causes and effects of poverty.

SHECP Community Engagement

“Supporting SHECP Interns has been an amazing experience, and staying connected with
the SHECP Community supports my career goals.” ~SHECP Alumna

Expanded Opportunities to Engage in the SHECP 2021 Academic Program

The 2021 theme, “Practicing Equity at the Intersection of Race and Poverty,” provides focus for study and dialogue by examining the relationship between race and poverty to better understand and equip our SHECP Community to act against systemic and individual culpabilities that reflect a long history of racial oppression. We are engaging in the 2021 Academic Program the three following points of execution:

  • Personal growth and internal community-building to reflect on individual dispositions about race and social location as daily practice. Community discussion groups will meet to share their reading of The Racial Healing Handbook, by Anneliese Singh, PhD, LPC.
  • Professional development work aimed at refreshing our understanding of the academic frameworks for teaching and practicing intersectionality as educators, mentors and community members who work across a diversity of professional fields and engage across a variety of communities. Community discussion groups will meet to discuss their reading of Intersectionality (Key Concepts), Second Edition, by authors Patricia Hill Collins and Sirma Bilge.
  • Structured support and mentorship for the SHECP 2021 Summer Interns through the design and execution of activities and events that align with the theme. 

There are multiple opportunities to participate and support the 2021 Academic Program. Contact us to learn more.


Your investment in SHECP's mission, particularly when the causes and
consequences of poverty are so evident, is greatly appreciated.


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