2017 Frueauff Opening Conference

2017 Frueauff Opening Conference 2017-09-22T09:51:03+00:00

June 2-4, 2017

Marymount University, 2807 N. Glebe Rd, Arlington, Virginia 22207

Please note: This will be a paperless conference – please bring your charged device and/or print info

Friday, June 2

Time Agenda
2:00-5:15pm Intern Registration and Check-in [Gerard Hall, Fishbowl Lobby]
5:30-6:30pm Welcome Dinner [Gerard Dining Hall, Zones 1 & 2] w/assigned seating
6:45-8:45pm Breakout Session One. Regional Group Learning CommunityCreating a Positive (Living and Learning) Environment [Rowley Hall, room assignments below] Bring charged laptop, mobile device, &/or printed material! Self-directed Session
9:00-10:00pm Film Discussion: “13th” [Reinsch Library, Auditorium] View movie prior to conference! Janice Butler, Bucknell University, will lead discussion.

Saturday, June 3

Time Agenda
7:30-8:15am Intern Breakfast Buffet [Gerard Dining Hall] (Buffet Line)
5:30-6:30pm Opening Session [Plenary in Reinsch Library, Auditorium]
8:25am Welcoming Remarks, President Matthew Shank, Marymount University
8:30-9:15am Educational purpose of SCHEP internships, Harlan Beckley, SHECP
9:15-10:00am Guest Remarks, Matthew Hannah, Public Defender Service of the District of Columbia
10:15-11:15am Breakout Session Two, Regional Group Learning Community: How Does My Experience Relate to the Topic of Prison, Poverty & Race? [Rowley Hall, same room-assignments as Session One] (Self-directed Session) Prior to session view Prof. Pettit’s POV lecture, and read  “Overlooked: Women and Jails in an Era of Reform” and The Sentencing “Project Trends in U.S. Correction.” Info posted on Sakai.
11:30-11:50am Best Practices for Personal Safety [Plenary in Gerard Dining Hall, Zones one & two] Paul Easton, Marymount University, Director of Public Safety
12:00-1:15pm Lunch [Gerard Dining Hall, Zones 1 & 2] (Buffet Line)
1:30-2:45pm Breakout Session Three, Regional Group Learning Community: Learning Through Experience [Rowley Hall, same rooms as Sessions One & Two] Self-directed Session. Bring laptops or print materials and bring them and pen and paper.
3:15-3:45pm Understanding and Practicing Cultural Humility, Fran Elrod, Washington and Lee University [Plenary Reinsch, Auditorium]
3:45-4:15pm Title IX & Working with Minors, Fran Elrod [Plenary Reinsch, Auditorium]
3:15-4:30pm Professional Development Workshop I (faculty & staff), Connie Mick, University of Notre Dame [Library Boardroom]
4:30pm Intern Cohort Photo – Informal [Lawn near Rose Bente Lee Center] (Rain location: Reinsch Auditorium)
4:45-5:30pm Drop-In Room for Participant Questions, Amy DeHart, Fran Elrod, and Meagan Herald, Virginia Military Institute [Library Boardroom]
5:30-7:00pm Closing Dinner [Gerard Dining Hall, Zones 1 & 2] (Buffet Line), With remarks from 2015 Shepherd Intern, Mason Grist ‘18 W&L University
8:00pm Film: Prison State [Reinsch Library, Auditorium], Introduced by Harlan Beckley

Sunday, June 4

Coffee, Turn in keys and keycards & Depart for Internships

Time Agenda
6:00-9:00am Earlier departures turn in to MU Guard House

Registration is now closed (5/23) for faculty and staff.  Please contact Amy if you would like to participate.

Faculty and staff lodging info
Rowley Hall Room Assignments – Breakout Sessions One, Two, & Three

#127 Greensboro, NC & Burlington, VT (9)
#129 Cleveland & Richmond (10)
#142 Camden, NJ & Chester, PA (11)
#205 New York City (12)
#206 Atlanta, GA (16)
#207 Washington DC (14)
#208 Charleston, WV & Hyden/Wendover and Berea, KY (7)
#209 New Orleans LA & Savannah, GA (7)
#211 Louisville, KY (10)
#219 Baltimore (11)
#220 Boston, MA & Austin, TX (8)