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Tell us about your Organization/Mission:
RCID provides medical care, research, social work, care management, mental health, substance abuse and dental services for over 1700 people living with HIV in our community. We also serve patients with general infectious disease problems. Our physicians specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases such as pneumonia, meningitis, HIV, skin infections, urinary tract infections, malaria, Hepatitis C, infection of the heart valves, hospital acquired infections, MRSA, c. difficile infections, tuberculosis (TB) and fever of unknown origin. They also specialize in preparing patients for international travel. Our group has been an integral Clinical Research Site for AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) HIV since 1991 in close partnership with University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Our staff and our patients have been an active part of the historical revolution in HIV care that the ACTG research has forged in the past several decades. We will continue to explore further research opportunities and partnerships that further the cause of the scientific and medical understanding of HIV , with the goal of not only serving to help our current patients, but also for those in the future.
Responsibilities, projects, and primary duties for internship:
Assist in data collection. Observe patient exams. Observe case management and social work evaluations. Observe psychological ads substance abuse evaluations. Assist clinic staff in evaluating patient records to identify patients who are non-adherent to medications or who have no-show rates. Evaluate patient records to improve screening rates and appropriate preventative care. Most of the time you will be observing physicians.
What top three personal qualities do you most value and seek in an intern?:
Empathy, ease, and interest for interacting with patients experiencing poverty and other barriers to good health. Observation skills for doctor's appointments, case management, social work, psychological, and substance abuse evaluations. Attention to detail and ability to assess overall records to be able to discuss the factors that lead to patient noncompliance and how they can be reduced or resolved. This internship is optimal for a student interested in attending medical school.
Primary Group of Served:
Vulnerable Population:
How will your agency orient & train the intern? :
Special Memorandum of Understanding is needed between Cone and home university before student can begin internship. The mentor will be available M‐F, 9 ‐ 5. The interns schedule will vary around this as well as assignments related to the overall class in the community.
How often will supervisor likely meet with intern? :
How much client contact will this internship offer?:
Will the intern be unsupervised with vulnerable populations (e.g. children, incapacitated adults)?:
Please describe the physical work space and work schedule:
8:30 am - 5:00 pm, Monday- Friday; infectious disease clinic; students will also rotate to other clinics.
Is the organization accessible by public transportation?:
Does the internship require that the intern travel to various locations:
Will the intern be expected to accompany clients to appointments or other locations:
Does this internship utilize or require a second language?:
Yes, may be utilized
If yes, what Languages?:
Spanish on occasion
Can this specific internship position be offered to more than one SHECP intern?:
Is your organization offering additional kinds of internship opportunities to other SHECP interns?:
Interns are selected by member schools through a competitive application process and are interviewed by SHECP Staff before being matched with your organization. What, if any, additional steps do you request prior to confirming the students as an intern at your organization? (In-person interviews are not feasible for an eight-week internship.):
Additional written application (provide links and instructions)
Does this internship require a background check or fingerprinting?:
Yes, background check
Will your agency coordinate these security measures? :
Organization Name:
Cone Health System, Regional Center for Infectious Disease
Street Address:
301 E Wendover Ave. Ste 111
Zip Code:
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