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facaa Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority

"Helping people, and changing lives."

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Tell us about your Organization/Mission:
Mobilize resources through a network of programs and services: Emergency Financial Assistance which is facilitated through applications and classes. The provision of access to public policy, economic and social institutions that serve low-income citizens. This feature involves community education and motivating citizens to exercise their voice in all matters that affect them. Whether it involves attending meetings or issuing newsletters, brochures or speaking engagements, FACAA seeks to inform community groups, legislators and social policy makers about the current needs, problems or accomplishments of low-income citizens. Our ultimate aim is to demonstrate that all citizens are important and can play a role in making a community active and viable. Provide affordable, safe, decent housing and supportive services to citizens of Fulton County and Atlanta. Along with home-building or rehabilitation, FACAA is a housing counseling agency which also trains youth to become future home builders. The agency seeks projects that enhance the quality of living for low-income citizens and also helps citizens become homeowners or aids them in saving their homes.
Primary Group of Served:
Responsibilities, projects, and primary duties for internship:
The 8 week SHECP advocacy intern responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: 1. Conduct independent and in-practice research on community action. 2. Assist with daily social media updates. 3. Assist with monthly press releases. 4. Prepare and participate in a BlogTalk radio segment discussing a topic of their choice. 5. Create and administer survey regarding community needs. 6. Develop branding strategies for the organization. 7. Participate in open dialogue about how we can help the community more. 8. Be willing to assist in miscellaneous activities that are “Helping people and changing lives.” 9. Complete a culminating project in which the intern plans and executes a community empowerment day. (This activity will inform those who receive FACAA services of the political process, financial literacy, etc.)
What top three personal qualities do you most value and seek in an intern?:
Dedication, enthusiasm, and attentiveness
How will your agency orient & train the intern? :
We will introduce the individual to the history of community action and take them around the agency to gain an understanding of our work and how they can contribute.
How often will supervisor likely meet with intern? :
Whenever Necessary
How much client contact will this internship offer?:
Will the intern be unsupervised with vulnerable populations (e.g. children, incapacitated adults)?:
Please describe the physical work space and work schedule:
The work space will be at the corporate office with possible visits to the resource center.
Is the organization accessible by public transportation?:
Yes, but it is not convenient
Does the internship require that the intern travel to various locations:
Will the intern be expected to accompany clients to appointments or other locations:
Does this internship utilize or require a second language?:
Can this specific internship position be offered to more than one SHECP intern?:
Is your organization offering additional kinds of internship opportunities to other SHECP interns?:
Interns are selected by member schools through a competitive application process and are interviewed by SHECP Staff before being matched with your organization. What, if any, additional steps do you request prior to confirming the students as an intern at your organization? (In-person interviews are not feasible for an eight-week internship.):
Phone conversation to confirm a good match (90% of internships)
Does this internship require a background check or fingerprinting?:
Yes, fingerprinting
Will your agency coordinate these security measures? :
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Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority
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1690 Chantilly Dr. N.E.
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We would love for the intern to join our team and help us as we “help people, and change lives.”