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Changing Lives. Ending Homelessness.

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Tell us about your Organization/Mission:
To connect people experiencing homelessness with the support necessary to become self-sufficient and find a permanent home.
Primary Group of Served:
Vulnerable Population:
Trauma Victims
Responsibilities, projects, and primary duties for internship:
Intern will work in various areas: 1) Direct Services: including running a clothing closet, and other service areas offering assistance to clients experiencing homelessness 2) Fund Raising and Event Planning: Intern will work part time planning HUMAN CLAY fundraiser and event, securing donations for event, and recruiting art donations 3) Teaching: Intern will prepare and facilitate one class, may be poetry, art therapy, life skills, etc. 4) Volunteer Management: Intern will work directly with volunteers in an educational orientation to homelessness, as well as set up, clean up, and facilitate feedback sessions for volunteer events. 5) In-Kind Donations: Intern will oversee in-kind donations to be distributed to programs and those in need. 6) Community Engagement: Intern will attend community events and meetings, and visit other organizations working to make homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring in Atlanta.
What top three personal qualities do you most value and seek in an intern?:
Humility, integrity, compassion
How will your agency orient & train the intern? :
Trainings begin day 1. + These trainings will be ongoing, and may include: 1) Homelessness and intersectional justice issues, 2) De-escalation, 3) Boundaries, 4) Confidentiality, 5) Hippa, 6) Conflict Transformation, 7) And an orientation to Gateway Center.
How often will supervisor likely meet with intern? :
How much client contact will this internship offer?:
Will the intern be unsupervised with vulnerable populations (e.g. children, incapacitated adults)?:
Please describe the physical work space and work schedule:
1) Help Desk with PC 2) Intern Office with PC and drawers 3) Chapel and Art room Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm.
Is the organization accessible by public transportation?:
Does the internship require that the intern travel to various locations:
Will the intern be expected to accompany clients to appointments or other locations:
Does this internship utilize or require a second language?:
Can this specific internship position be offered to more than one SHECP intern?:
Is your organization offering additional kinds of internship opportunities to other SHECP interns?:
Interns are selected by member schools through a competitive application process and are interviewed by SHECP Staff before being matched with your organization. What, if any, additional steps do you request prior to confirming the students as an intern at your organization? (In-person interviews are not feasible for an eight-week internship.):
Phone conversation to confirm a good match (90% of internships)
Does this internship require a background check or fingerprinting?:
Yes, both
Will your agency coordinate these security measures? :
Organization Name:
Gateway Center
Street Address:
236 Peachtree Street, SW
Zip Code:

Intern may end up walking 1 mile per day or more.
Public transit in Atlanta is called Marta.
While Atlanta has been deemed the “black mecca” there are still major issues haunting the community, including mass incarceration, failing infrastructure, and lack of affordable housing.
Intern should be gifted or desire to improve their public speaking abilities.