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Tharros Place, Inc.

Courage for Victims of Human Trafficking

Tell us about your Organization/Mission:
Tharros Place, Inc is a new non-profit to provide shelter and support for minor victims of human trafficking in the Savannah area.
Responsibilities, projects, and primary duties for internship:
Tharros Place, Inc is a new non-profit, so this is a great opportunity to build the foundation block of a non-profit from the ground up with an experienced leader in non-profit management and advocacy. Responsibilities would include: regulatory review and compliance to obtain residential license, marketing/PR/social media work, setting up donor database, setting up monthly newsletters and developing database, grant research and writing, and developing website and content.
What top three personal qualities do you most value and seek in an intern?:
Initiative/self motivated/self starter Pride in work product Willingness to keep an open mind, be flexible, and to learn new things.
Did you have a remote match last summer?:
In-person available this summer?:
Primary Group of Served:
Individuals experiencing homelessness
Individuals experiencing mental health challenges
Students grades 7th - 9th
Vulnerable Population:
Trauma Victims
How will your agency orient & train the intern? :
Whether in person or virtually, I will meet with the intern on the first day to orient him/her/they to what Tharros Place is, our mission and vision, where we are in the start-up process, and what our goals are for the summer. I will also arrange for meetings with key stakeholders locally and refer her to related agencies regionally to develop partnerships. The first week, we will meet daily, and then less frequently depending on need.
How often will supervisor likely meet with intern? :
Whenever Necessary
How much client contact will this internship offer?:
Will the intern be unsupervised with vulnerable populations (e.g. children, incapacitated adults)?:
Please describe the physical work space and work schedule:
Currently, we are working out of our home until we identify a space for the facility. The intern could either work remotely with frequent contact or relocate to Savannah for the summer with in-person meetings with the intern supervisor, Board of Directors, stakeholders, and Juvenile Court.
Is the organization accessible by public transportation?:
Does the internship require that the intern travel to various locations:
Will the intern be expected to accompany clients to appointments or other locations:
Does this internship utilize or require a second language?:
Can this specific internship position be offered to more than one SHECP intern?:
Is your organization offering additional kinds of internship opportunities to other SHECP interns?:
Interns are selected by member schools through a competitive application process and are interviewed by SHECP Staff before being matched with your organization. What, if any, additional steps do you request prior to confirming the students as an intern at your organization? (In-person interviews are not feasible for an eight-week internship.):
Phone conversation to confirm a good match (90% of internships)
Does this internship require a background check or fingerprinting?:
Will your agency coordinate these security measures? :
Year agency first partnered with SHECP:
Organization Name:
Tharros Place, Inc.
Street Address:
134 East 51st Street
Zip Code:

This is a unique opportunity to build a new non-profit from the ground up with an experienced leader in non-profit management.

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