SHECP partners with organizations, businesses, schools, governments, and individuals to further the vision: To equip college students to address the problem of poverty, as future professionals and citizens, by expanding and improving opportunities to study the meanings, causes, and consequences of poverty in a wide range of disciplines.

Internship partners are co-educators. Partners provide curious and capable students with full-time hands-on learning and the structure and guidance needed for a transformational internship experience. SHECP’s unique process ensures that students are prepared to be a valuable asset to partners for their eight-week internship.

When an intern from SHECP walks into our doors, they are better prepared to partner with us and, more importantly, partner with our community during their service. They have spent time grappling with the root causes of poverty, examining their own misconceptions and biases, and their relationship to the communities they want to serve. Their classroom experience has prepared them to be a fully engaged team member over the course of their internship. – Lindsey Pérez, RARA

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