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“This program continues to change lives — the lives of the interns, the lives of the supervisors, and the lives of those we serve. Thank you!”

“The two interns we got this summer were fantastic! And their interests and backgrounds aligned perfectly with our program. I appreciate the time and effort you all put into screening, interviewing, and matching interns with the right program. I think that is key in ensuring their success in the position. Thank you!”


Interns come with a keen interest and academic background in issues related to poverty and human capabilities. The summer internship is a continuation of the undergraduate education, and thus, must be challenging, meaningful, and substantive.

Interns volunteer full-time for eight weeks of supervised work with community partners who serve distressed communities. Students qualify for the internship through a competitive process requiring a written application and campus interview.  Selected interns are carefully matched with participating agencies based on interests, skills, knowledge, and passion.

Working 35 hours per week during June and July, interns benefit from professional opportunities for growth and mature supervision to provide structure and support. Agency supervisors provide meaningful tasks that allow students substantive interaction with clients, community and staff. Additionally, the tools necessary to do the work (such as a desk and computer) must be provided.

Very few interns have access to vehicles.  However, when they do and on-the-job driving is required or requested, the agency must directly reimburse intern expenses.  Students can work evening and weekends, if needed.  However, they must either receive a ride home or travel home prior to dark.

Once SHECP has matched an intern with an agency partner, the supervisor and intern speak by phone to vet the match.  Each must confirm a positive match. On the rare occasions the student and/or supervisor determine it’s not a good match, SHECP matches the student with an alternative placement.

Since the matching process is very specific, SHECP cannot guarantee an intern every summer.  However, matches are completed by mid-April, so agencies have plenty of time to prepare for an intern’s arrival or adjust to no intern.

Once a match is confirmed by intern and community partner, the intern works with guidance to develop a Community Learning Agreement (CLA) with the supervisor.  This is developed, review, and signed by intern, supervisor, college internship director, and SHECP.  We encourage both intern and supervisor to review the CLA regularly to be sure that the goals of the student and the needs of the agency are both being met.

During and at the conclusion of the internship, the supervisor and the student will be asked to offer an assessment of the internship.  These responses are vital to the future success of the program.

First Steps to Offering an Internship

  • Consider the needs of your organization and the personnel who are best equipped to serve as a supervisor of a young and bright undergraduate student. Who would be a strong co-educator at your organization?
  • Contact SHECP Internship Director.
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