Teach Kentucky (TKY) is making an impact in Louisville, reaching young people who want to work themselves out of poverty.

If you are beginning your career path and want to leverage your work so that you actually make an impact on lives, consider applying for Teach Kentucky.  Application deadline is 28 February 2015.

 Teaching in the public schools gives you sphere of influence to impact young minds and young lives – one way to change poverty. In public school teaching you have a structure where you can have a consistent impact.

Like other similar programs, TKY is highly selective.

What differentiates it from other programs?

  • Creates professional pathway for launching a career in education.
  • Provide you with a supportive environment
  • Connects you with a cohort with peers
  • Takes place in a city where you can have an impact and it will be recognized.  It is both big enough and small enough for success.
  • A very high percentage of TKY participants from SHECP member schools, maybe as high as 50%.  Several are now excelling in leadership roles.
  • 70% stay long term

TKY staff welcome a dialog with all potential candidates.  The application takes four minutes.  Please visit: http://teachkentucky.com

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