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Consortium News

Important Message to the SHECP Community

June 4th, 2020|

Dear SHECP Interns and other members of our SHECP Community, Today, we kick off the SHECP 2020 Summer Internship Program when we host the virtual 2020 Frueauff Opening Conference. Download the media release to learn more. During our preparation [...]

The Geography of Poverty in Pandemic: Academic Program for SHECP Summer 2020

May 26th, 2020|

SHECP’s programming theme for Summer 2020, The Geography of Poverty in Pandemic, recognizes the geographic variability of poverty’s manifestations. Understood comparatively, poverty’s relationship to location—urban, rural, suburban, regional—is a critical piece of how we [...]

Get Ready to Engage: SHECP 2020 Summer Program

May 21st, 2020|

Did you know? SHECP has a variety of ways for alumni to support our Academic Program this summer, especially now that we can all come together regardless of location. As our interns embark on [...]

5/15/20 Update – 2020 Summer Internship Program

May 15th, 2020|

5/15/20 Update Dear SHECP Community, I would like to share exciting news regarding our SHECP 2020 Summer Internships. We recently shared the dates for our Academic Program, as well as the schedule for [...]


Student Testimonials

This opportunity truly changed my outlook on addiction and poverty in society. I have seen poverty abroad and I have seen poverty in America, but this internship really helped me look at the reasons for how people could become entrenched in a cycle of poverty.

Reny Matthew, Baylor University

During my time at Youth Force, I truly understood the impacts of grassroots campaigns. In a room of teenagers, I was standing around those who are effectively pressuring state government to change their stances on many vital issues.

Andre Ware, Niagara University

My summer as a Shepherd Intern was a great opportunity for me to live out Notre Dame’s poverty studies minor; I learned so much about health insurance and health access in low-income communities and how I hope to practice medicine in the future.

Rachel Tullio, University of Notre Dame

Working with LIFT-Philadelphia personalized the issues of poverty and inequality for me. I couldn’t have fully learned the facts of these issues without having met some of the people who live them every day. Knowing their stories has made me determined to make a difference.

Morgan Whitehead, Centre College