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Host an Intern

Every summer, SHECP partners with community organizations to provide hands-on internships at agencies engaged in anti-poverty work. This year, our internship program will run from June 5th to July 29th, 2023. Are you interested in joining SHECP’s network of community partners, inspiring the next generation of change-makers by hosting summer interns? Read more below to determine whether your site would be a good fit!


We have a new website and process for submitting internships this year, so sites will need to submit a form with the agency’s information.  If you are interested in hosting an intern, please contact to receive a link to the form.


When an intern from SHECP walks into our doors, they are better prepared to partner with us and, more importantly, partner with our community during their service. They have spent time grappling with the root causes of poverty, examining their own misconceptions and biases, and their relationship to the communities they want to serve. 

Lindsey Pérez

Rockbridge Area Relief Association, Executive Director

Brunswick Legal Aid interns_edited.jpg
About the SHECP Internship Program: 
  • SHECP coordinates and supports an eight-week Summer Internship Program where cohorts of interns live together and work full-time with community partners engaged in anti-poverty work.  

  • All of our internships require interns to work in-person and full-time, between 35-40 hours a week.

  • We also expect interns to have a substantial amount of their internship be client-facing where they can receive hands-on experience with those in the community.  

  • Our member schools select interns who have an academic grounding in the complexity of poverty, including its definitions, causes, and potential solutions. The internship creates the opportunity for our students to continue their studies and deepen their understanding of poverty by working directly with clients.

  • SHECP interns then complete additional assignments and attend our opening conference to further prepare them for their internships. We strive for our interns to be well-prepared to enter these spaces and provide substantive support to our community partners. 

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