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2015 Symposium and Frueauff Closing Conference – Agenda


Schedule for Intern Reports 1 – 3 August 2015 – Lexington, Virginia

Saturday, August 1       Washington and Lee University

2:30-5:00 PM                      Board Meeting (Hillel House, Multipurpose Room)

5:00 – 8:00 PM                   Interns and attendees arrive and check in (Elrod Commons, Atrium)

6:00 – 7:30 PM                      Dinner (Cohen Amphitheater) [Rain location – Marketplace] Faculty Hosts: Leigh Lassiter-Counts (Hendrix) and Tiffany Sargent (Middlebury) and Intern Hosts: Dejda Collins (Bucknell), LeGrand Northcutt (W&L), Emma Swabb (W&L), & Yunpeng Ray Xia (Berea)

5:30-6:30 PM                      Board of Directors Dinner (Hillel House, Multipurpose Room)

7:00-9:00 PM                      Continuing Board of Directors Meeting, as necessary (Hillel House, Multipurpose Room)

7:30 – 9:00 PM                      “Weight of a Nation-Confronting America’s Obesity EpidemicPart IV – Conclusions (Elrod Commons, Stackhouse Theater) Discussion led by Jonathan Wortham, MD, Center for Disease Control. Alumnus – Shepherd Internship Program, W&L ’04, Baylor College of Medicine. Welcome and Introduction by Kelly Brotzman, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor, Shepherd Program, W&L

Sunday, August 2        Washington and Lee and Virginia Military Institute

8:30 – 9:45 AM                  Intern Breakfast (W&L, Hillel House, eCafe)

9:00 – 9:40 AM                Worship (W&L, Hillel House, Multipurpose Room) Led by Reverend Wayne Meisel, LeGrand Northcutt, and Zoe Stein

9:45 – 10:45 AM               Post-graduate Opportunities for Service with Rev. Meisel (W&L, Hillel House, Multipurpose Room)

11:00 AM                            Internship Directors Gathering (VMI, Marshall Hall, Board Room, 2nd floor)

11:00 AM                            UVA Focus Groups One and Two (VMI, Marshall Hall( One in Blue Ridge & Two in Allegheny)

12:00 PM                            UVA Focus Groups Three and Four (VMI, Marshall Hall, Three in Blue Ridge & Four in Allegheny)

11:30 AM– 1:00 PM         Buffet Lunch (VMI, Marshall Hall, Hall of Valor)

12:30 – 1:00 PM               W&L Interns meet with Internship Director (VMI, Marshall Hall, Shenandoah)

12:45 – 1:15 PM                Symposium Registration for Guests (VMI, Marshall Hall, Lobby)

1:15 PM                               Symposium Welcoming Sessions (VMI, Marshall Hall, Gillis Theater) – Convening – Harlan Beckley, Executive Director, Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty – VMI Welcome – LTC Meagan Herald, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics; Member, Service Committee, VMI

1:30 PM                              Evolution of Food Insecurity as a Public Health Issue – Elaine Waxman, Ph. D. Senior Fellow, Income and Benefits Policy Center, Urban Institute

2:30 PM                              Building the Foundations for Child Health: Moving Toward a National Agenda for Children. – Sandra G. Hassink, MD, FAAP, Divisions of Pediatric Weight Management, Department of Pediatrics, Nemurs – Children’s Healthcare System.

3:30 PM                              Brief Break (VMI, Marshall Hall, Lobby)

3:30 PM                              Brief Break (VMI, Marshall Hall, Lobby)

3:40 PM                              Group Photo (VMI, Marshall Hall, Gallery Stairs)

3:50 PM                              Discussion and Questions – among three speakers and questions from the audience (VMI, Marshall Hall, Gillis Theater)

6:30 – 8:30 PM                  Banquet & Lecture (VMI, Marshall Hall, Hall of Valor) – Private Sector Engagement in the Fight against Childhood Obesity – Victoria Kumpuris Brown, Senior Program Officer, Childhood Obesity, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Monday, August 3        Washington & Lee University, Science Center

7:30-8:30 AM                     Intern Breakfast (Great Hall)

8:00 – 8:30 AM                 Meeting for AmeriCorps out-processing, Fran Elrod (A102)

8:45 AM                               WLU Welcome (Great Hall) – Marc Conner, Ph.D., Jo M. and James Ballengee Professor of English and Associate Provost, W&L

9:00 AM                              Session A – Intern Reports & Discussion (details below)

10:00 AM                            Session B – Intern Reports & Discussion (details below)

11:00-11:15 AM                  Brief Break (Great Hall)

11:20 AM                             Session C – Intern Reports & Discussion (details below)

12:20 PM                             Buffet/Box Lunch (Great Hall and outside)

1:30 PM                               Session D – Intern Reports & Discussion (details below)

2:30 PM                               Brief Break (Great Hall)

2:45 PM                               Session E – Student-led breakout discussions (details below)

3:50 – 4:10 PM                  Brief meeting on logistics and follow-up to the internship, Harlan Beckley (Great Hall)

4:15 PM                                Dorm room check out – return keys

5:30 PM                               Remaining Interns, faculty, staff – dinner on your own in Lexington w/voucher

DETAILS – Intern Reports in W&L Science Center –  Monday, 3 August (pdf format)

9:00 AM – Session A

1) Parmly 307                     Rebecca Dunn (Washington and Lee): LIFT (DC); Phil Harmon (Washington and Lee): Capital Area Partnership Uplifting People (Richmond); Marquell Montue (Morgan State): Department of Public Advocacy (London, KY); Becca Craigen (Baylor): DBECC—Technology for Small Business (Boston); Moderator: Howard Pickett (Washington and Lee)

2) A 214                                James Alexander (Berea): Life Pieces to Masterpieces (DC); Kelsey Dowling (Lynchburg): Tenacity (Boston); Alison Masson (Washington and Lee): Native American Bahi Institute (Arizona); Kjersti Kleine (Furman): Delta AHEC (Helena, AK); Moderator: Gabe Santos (Lynchburg)

3) A 114                                Trey Snow (Bucknell): Food Security in Appalachia (Charleston, WVA); Emily Kruse (Notre Dame):  Crossover Ministry (Richmond); Maneesha Julakanti (Baylor): PACT (Baltimore); Stephanie Laventure (Bucknell): BRC—Transit Homeless Outreach (NYC); Moderator: Connie Mick (Notre Dame)

4) Ground 14                      Elena Diller (Washington and Lee): New American Pathways (Atlanta); Marina Giannirakis (John Carroll): Legal Aid (Helena, AR); Chad Joseph (Washington and Lee Law):  House of Ruth (Baltimore); Jen Koide (Middlebury): Rosie’s Girls—Vermont Works for Women;  Moderator: Peggy Finucane (John Carroll)

5) Ground 16                      Jordan Cohen (Washington and Lee): Family Center (Helena, AR); Citlaly Mora (Elon): American Friends Service Committee (Greensboro, NC); Annabel Simpson (Baylor): N Street Village (DC); Mac Strehler (Washington and Lee): CAMC Mem. Hospital (Charleston, WVA); Moderator: Eric Fink (Elon)

6)  IQ Center                      Sarah Marosi (Wooster): Cleveland Clinic;  Cameron Lee (Washington and Lee):  Crossover Ministry (Richmond); Angela Creek (Niagara): Center for Family Services (Camden); Tina Brook (Middlebury): Native American Bhai Institute (Arizona); Moderator: Chuck Kammer (Wooster)

10:00 AM Session B

1) Parmly 307                     Ionee Patel (Centre): Harlem Children’s Zone (NYC); Callie Taylor (Washington and Lee): Career Collaborative (Boston); Leah Travis (Millsaps): DC Public Defender (DC); Emma Jackson (Centre): UPO Public Relations (DC);  Moderator: Louwanda Evans (Millsaps)

2) A 214                                Maggie Hempel (Niagara): LIFT   (Boston); Kirsten Estabrook (Wooster): Family Scholar House (Louisville); Elizabeth Lee (Middlebury): UPO Advocacy (DC); Chris Stella (Elon): New Orleans Public Defender; Moderator:  David Taylor (Niagara)

3) A 114                                Brianna Cunningham (Bucknell): U.S. Probation Office (Camden); Colin Wallace (Washington and Lee): Jubilee Jobs (DC);  Ricardo Caraballo (John Carroll): Upward Bound, Workforce Development (NYC); Shar’da Hammett (Wooster): Life Pieces to Masterpieces (DC); Moderator: Tim Brown (ULAR)

4)  Ground 14                     Justice Peoples (Wooster): Life Pieces to Masterpieces (DC); Stephanie Price (Niagara): Education Elevator (Charleston, WVA); Lauren Scott (Elon): Atlanta Food Bank; Alana Babington (Washington and Lee): Guilford Co. Public Health Dept. (Greensboro); Moderator: Grant Babcock (Niagara)

5) Ground 16                      Sneha Modi (Notre Dame): The Food Trust (Camden); Jacqueline Carson (Washington and Lee): Healthcare for Homeless (Louisville); Callie Rush (Millsaps): BRC—Creative Arts (NYC); Dejda Collins (Bucknell):  Blue Ridge Autism & BV Health Dept. (Buena Vista, VA); Moderator: Julian Murchison (Millsaps)

6)  IQ Center                      Akiksha Chatterji (Wooster):  Frontline Services (Cleveland); DeAnn Ryan (Berea): Frontier Nursing Service (rural Kentucky); Ellen Matthews (Centre): BRC—Transit Homeless Outreach (NYC); Lilly Grella (Washington and Lee): Gateway Center, Client Engagement (Atlanta); Moderator: Leigh Lassiter-Counts (Hendrix)

11:20 AM Session C

1) Parmly 307                     Tiffany Russell (Berea): LIFT (DC); Mattie Thacker (Hendrix): Volunteers of America (Louisville); Nancy Coleman (Washington and Lee): Capstone Community Action (Burlington); Elsa Alvarado (Middlebury): DC Public Defender; Moderator: Jay Barth (Hendrix)

2) A 214                                Emily Bao (Washington and Lee Law): National Juvenile Defenders Center (DC); Alexya Perez (John Carroll): Upward Bound—Financial Fitness (NYC); Ash Smith (Notre Dame): Department of Public Advocacy (London, KY); Birgitta Cheng (Middlebury): DBEDC—Business Assistant (Boston) Moderator: Jennifer Warlick (Notre Dame)

3) A 114                                Edward Stroud (Washington and Lee): Kemper: Center for Economic Progress (Chicago); Abby Tudor (Centre): Harlem Children’s Zone (NYC); Anna Townsend (Kentucky): Vermont Community Garden Network (Burlington); Ray Xia (Berea):  Health Dept. & Campus Kitchen (Buena Vista & Lexington, VA); Moderator: Rick Axtell (Centre)

4)  Ground 14                     Hannah Gilmore (Washington and Lee): Public Health Dept. (Greensboro) Iris Lu (Bucknell): SOME Clinic (DC) Kaleigh Gale (Berea): PACT (Baltimore) Jessica Winn (Washington and Lee Law): Blue Ridge Legal Services (Harrisonburg, VA) Moderator: Jill Bouma (Berea)

5) Ground 16                      Kate Johnson (Middlebury): Tapestri (Altanta); Anna King (Hendrix): Rosie’s Girls—Vermont Works for Women (Burlington); Cari Slatton (Berea):  House of Ruth (Baltimore); Mason Grist (Washington and Lee): Legal Aid of North Carolina (Greensboro); Moderator: Tiffany Sargent (Middlebury)

6)  IQ Center                      Leneah Langford (Berea): Church World Service Refugee Resettlement (Greensboro); Abby Block (Washington and Lee) Cleveland Clinic; Laura Beth Lavette (Washington and Lee):  Bread for the City (DC); Jaziah Masters (Baylor): SuperKids (Baltimore); Moderator: Rosemary Townsend (Baylor)

1:30 PM Session D

1)  Parmly 307                    Sam Hudson (VMI): Camp Interactive (NYC); Liz Tarry (Washington and Lee): Peter Paul (Richmond); Ram Ravel (Washington and Lee): Coopers Ferry Partnership (Camden); Alexis Williams (University of Arkansas at Little Rock): DC Public Defender; Moderator: Sarah Beth Estes (UALR)

2) A 214                                Ruthie Robinson (Elon): LIFT (Boston); Briana Balady (Elon): Camp Interactive (NYC); CJ Tighe (JCU): Fan Free Clinic (Richmond); Jennifer Saccente (Washington and Lee): Delta AHEC (Helena); Moderator: Maryellen Callahan (John Carroll)    

3) A 114                                John Juneau II (Washington and Lee): UPO Advocacy (DC); Jill Fredi (Furman): Harlem Children’s Zone (NYC); Michael Sullivan (Washington and Lee): Camden Healthcare Coalition; Wesley Saintilnord (Berea): CONE Health Clinic (Greensboro); Moderator: David Gandolfo (Furman)

4)  Ground 14                     China Ibuakaeze (Berea):  New American Pathways—Resettlement (Atlanta); Carmellia Jackson (Berea): ARK (Baltimore); Tierney Wolgemuth (Washington and Lee): Camden Healthcare Coalition; Emma Swabb (Washington and Lee): Washington Jesuit Academy (DC); Moderator: Alan Hull (Cleveland Clinic)

5) Ground 16                      Batsheva Honig (Washington and Lee): LIFT Philadelphia; Chamaya Harris (Morgan State): Harlem Children’s Zone (NYC); Mike Barry (Washington and Lee): New American Pathway—Health; Moderator: Joe Pettit (Morgan State)

6)  IQ Center                      Zoe Stein (Washington and Lee): Native American Bahi Institute (Arizona); Lauren Kim (Washington and Lee): St. Joseph’s Carpenter’s Society (Camden); Lydia Crush (Bucknell): Sacred Heart Center (Richmond); Moderator: Janice Butler (Bucknell)

2:45 PM Session E  Discussions based on topics proposed by interns and led by interns

2:45 PM Session E

1) Parmly 307                     “The Ethics of Freedom: Consequences for American Healthcare,” Sarah Onyx Marosi, The College of Wooster and Abby Block, Washington and Lee University. Convener: Brian Doyle (Marymount)

2) A 214                                “Race, Poverty, and the Criminal Justice System,” Chris Stella, Elon University Law School, and Brianna Cunningham, Bucknell University. Convener: Kelly Brotzman (Washington and Lee)

3) A 114                                “Can we define and understand poverty without living in poverty?” Wesley Saintilnord, Berea College. Convener: Tim Diette (Washington and Lee)

4) Ground 14                      “Building Civic Consensus for Effective Social Change,” Kjersti Kleine, Furman University; Jennifer Saccente and Jordan Cohen, Washington and Lee University; and Marina Giannirakis, John Carroll University. Convener: Anne Gibbons (Lynchburg)

5) Ground 16                      “Opportunity for Ex-offenders in the Workforce.” Colin Wallace, Emma Swabb, and Cameron Lee, Washington and Lee. Convener: Duke Cancelmo (Council Member)

6) IQ Center                       “Circumstantial and Structural Barriers to Governmental Assistance,” Kate Johnson, Middlebury College, and Elena Diller and Lilly Grella, Washington and Lee University. Convener: Tom Shepherd (Council Member)


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