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Summer 2023 Practitioner Insights Series

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

The Practitioner Insights series provides an opportunity for summer interns and all members of the SHECP community to hear from innovative and dynamic leaders doing anti-poverty work. The 2023 summer series will include four events featuring practitioners, including two SHECP alumni, from across the country working to address a diverse set of poverty related issues. These events are part of the SHECP Summer Internship program but are open to the general community.

June 13th at 7pm – Health & Wellness: Dr. Kyle Meehan – Family & Community Medicine at University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson

Dr. Kyle Meehan is the Associate Program Director of the University of Arizona Family and Community Medicine Residency with nearly 10 years of medical school and residency education experience. She will be answering questions on a range of topics including her work directing the University of Arizona Mobile Health Prenatal Clinic which providers prenatal and obstetrical care to women who are uninsured in Tucson, Arizona. While at Washington & Lee University, she completed her SHECP internship at the Bellevue Hospital in New York City. (full bio)

June 20th at 7pm – Community & Individual Services: Maisie Campbell – More Than Food Consulting

Maisie Campbell is a Program Manager with More Than Food Consulting. In this role, Maisie supports food banks to implement better practices such as ranking food with the HER (Healthy Eating Research) Nutrition Guidelines, supporting agencies to offer choice and create a welcoming culture. She will be discussing organizational and systems changes in the charitable food network. (full bio)

June 27th at 7pm – Law & Business: Katie Kern – United States Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia

Kathleen "Katie" Kern is currently the Deputy Chief in the Major Crimes Section at there US Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia. There she supervises AUSAs who investigate and prosecute serious violent felony offenses. Prior to joining the US Attorney's Office, Katie served as a law clerk to the Honorable Ramsey Johnson on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. While at Washington & Lee University, she completed her SHECP internship in 2008 with the Public Defender Service for DC. (full bio)

July 11th at 7pm – Education & Youth Outreach: Juan Gonzalez – Life Pieces to Masterpieces

Juan Gonzalez serves as a curriculum and education consultant for Life Pieces to Masterpieces (LPTM), where he develops curricula for LPTM’s OST and school-based programs, and supports LPTM’s Director of Programs and Education in evaluating program staff. In addition to discussing his work with LPTM, Juan will share his experiences with Semester at Sea, AmeriCorps, and the Peace Corps. (full bio)

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