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Announcing Expanded Opportunities to Support the SHECP 2021 Academic Program

Dear SHECP Community,

We are thrilled to announce the SHECP 2021 Academic Program theme, “Practicing Equity at the Intersection of Race and Poverty,” which provides focus for study and dialogue by examining the relationship between race and poverty to better understand and equip our SHECP community to act against systemic and individual culpabilities that reflect a long history of racial oppression. Read more by downloading our recent media release.

We want to get started on a collective exploration of the theme now. To encourage even more dialogue and participation from our community, we have established several opportunities of engagement that support personal growth and internal community-building, professional development work, and structured support and mentorship.

You are invited to engage in the 2021 Academic Program through the following three points of execution:

  1. Personal growth and internal community-building to reflect on individual dispositions about race and social location as daily practice

  2. Fall 2020 – Community discussion groups will meet to share their reading of The Racial Healing Handbook, by Anneliese Singh, PhD, LPC. On October 5, 2020, the SHECP community is invited to attend a session led by Dr. Singh, “Practicing Equity at the Intersection of Race and Poverty: An Event Featuring Dr. Anneliese Singh.”

  3. Professional development work aimed at refreshing our understanding of the academic frameworks for teaching and practicing intersectionality as educators, mentors and community members who work across a diversity of professional fields and engage across a variety of communities

  4. Spring 2021 – Community discussion groups will meet to discuss their reading of Intersectionality (Key Concepts), Second Edition, by authors Patricia Hill Collins and Sirma Bilge.

  5. Structured support and mentorship for the SHECP 2021 Summer Interns through the design and execution of activities and events that align with the theme

  6. Summer 2021

  7. May 2021 – Completion of SHECP modules related to professional practice, introduction to poverty studies and program theme

  8. June/July 2021 – Weekly cohort meetings, keynote events and reflective activities

These engagement opportunities will pave the road for the structured work and mentorship that will take place during the SHECP 2021 Summer Internship Program.

For more information about the SHECP 2021 program, please contact me by email at


Stephanie R. Rolph, PhD, Academic Director – SHECP


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