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Beckley visits Niagara University

SHECP executive director Harlan Beckley visited SHECP Member Niagara University on 16 November. In addition to give remarks to students and faculty, “Rethinking Poverty and Inequality,” he met with faculty, staff, and students, to discuss expanding the university’s participation in the consortium and also to explore Niagara Falls as a host site for SHECP summer interns.

“I was privileged to meet with our Niagara colleagues, including President Father Maher, and SHECP interns from Niagara and to receive an introduction to their engagement in their community,” said Dr. Beckley. “Niagara University is on its way to building a signature program in poverty studies.”

In addition to his consultation with Niagara, Dr. Beckley has visited six additional member schools in the past four months, including: Morgan State University, Bucknell University, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Hendrix College, Millsaps College, and Lynchburg College.

For more about Dr. Beckley’s visit to Niagara, please visit:


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