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Call for Papers: Re-Imagining Development – 16 November Deadline

Re-Imagining Development: Pursuing Good in a Changing World

The 8th Annual Human Development Conference

University of Notre Dame. Friday–Saturday, February 26–27, 2016

Call for Papers

The Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity announces Notre Dame’s 8th annual Human Development Conference.

This year’s conference focuses on the transformative power of new ideas: how development paradigms that emphasize agency, inclusivity, and dignity can redefine success and challenge traditional methods in development. As the new Sustainable Development Goals illustrate, this evolution in development calls upon countries and citizens in both the developing and developed worlds to work together to overcome our shared challenges and ensure our interconnected prosperity.

The Human Development Conference provides a platform for dialogue in which students from across all backgrounds and disciplines who are passionate about development can explore the continuing pursuit of good in an ever-changing world.

We welcome and invite all undergraduates to share their research experiences from a broad spectrum of topics in development.

  1. Agriculture

  2. Business

  3. Culture

  4. Economics

  5. Education

  6. Engineering

  7. Environment

  8. Foreign Aid

  9. Gender

  10. Health

  11. Human Dignity

  12. Human Rights

  13. Infrastructure

  14. Governance

  15. Measurement and Evaluation

  16. Organizational ManagementMigration

  17. Peace/Conflict

  18. Poverty

  19. Public Policy

  20. Religion

  21. Sustainability


For undergraduates interested in presenting a paper, please submit an abstract (summary, no greater than 250 words) of your research project and complete the survey questions found here:

Please upload all materials and complete the survey by the deadline of Monday, November 16, 2015.

Invitations for participation will be extended by the first week of December. Students who accept invitations to present at the conference will be responsible for securing funding for travel and other related expenses.

More information visit website and Facebook page at


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