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Poverty Studies Graduate Publishes in the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP Voices

Elizabeth Lidinsky Donahoo, MD, recently published “Step Outside the Office to Understand Healthier Lifestyles” on AAP Voices website as part of its FACE Poverty campaign.  The essay focuses on removing barriers to good nutrition for children from vulnerable families.  Beth, a pediatrician practicing in Lutherville, Maryland worked with a group of medical residents to create a program known as B’More Fit for Kids, and her essay emerged from this project.  It also has deeper roots in her poverty studies education at Washington and Lee University and her medical education at the University of Maryland Medical in Baltimore.  Beth was an intern at Bread for the City and DC Primary Care Association in 2006 as part of Washington and Lee’s Shepherd Program in poverty studies.  Her current work “outside the office” instantiates the kind of professional vocation that the Shepherd Consortium poverty studies programs seek to inform and inspire.

You may read her essay at:


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