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Reflection: SHECP’s 2021 Summer Internship Program

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Dear SHECP Community,

Not long ago, we were just beginning our conversations surrounding the SHECP 2021 Academic Program theme, “Practicing Equity at the Intersection of Race and Poverty,” and imagining the different opportunities that would bring for our summer program.

In the fall, our community read of The Racial Healing Handbook centered us in personal growth practices to guide our professional development. In April, we began the first of four keynotes that spotlighted innovators in the field. Throughout the internship, students participated in learning activities that encouraged career exploration, solutions-oriented approaches to their work, and collaborative reflection with their peers. This year’s program represented the value of our SHECP Community—a collection of diverse academic programs, experiential learning opportunities, and career discernment support that aims to cultivate our three student learning outcomes—Knowledge, Engagement, and Responsibility.

I encourage you to pause and reflect on the wonderful impact that the 157 SHECP Interns, representing 23 member colleges and universities, had on the communities served by 111 partnering organizations. Those students came out of the program with a transformed outlook that will surely guide the critical decision-making that is ahead for each of them.

As we continue our path beyond the summer, it is our hope that as a member of the SHECP Community, you will carry with you a renewed commitment to the partnerships that enable learning, work, community engagement, and actions that promote dialogue, stimulate reflection and foster change.


Stephanie R. Rolph, PhD., Academic Director – SHECP


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