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SHECP Talks: Expertise in the Field, The UPSIDE Team at UNC-Chapel Hill

Updated: May 28

On this episode of SHECP Talks, we continue to reflect on the links between resilience and childhood poverty. Jen was delighted to welcome Dr. Desiree Murray and Dr. Keadija Wiley to talk about the work of the UPSIDE Team at UNC-Chapel Hill and, specifically, their Be CALM Program.

You can find this episode wherever you listen to podcasts, on our SHECP Talks page, or you can listen here:

The Understanding and Promoting Self-Regulation Intervention across Development Team or UPSIDE team for short — focuses on self-regulation interventions that promote resilience for children and youth. Their Be CALM program is a mindfulness-based intervention for middle and high school students that provides training and support for both students and educators.

During the podcast, Desiree and Keadija explain the origins of the program, their multidisciplinary approach, and the challenges and opportunities associated with community-based research. The initial program roll-out was focused in school districts in rural NC. We also discuss how the program might change for a less-rural environment.


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