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SHECP Talks: Faculty Voices with Dr. Katy Gray Brown, Manchester University

Updated: Mar 18

Conflict is an unavoidable aspect of human interaction, yet how we approach it can profoundly impact our relationships and communities. On this episode of SHECP Talks, Dr. Katy Gray Brown, Professor of Philosophy and Peace Studies and  Director of the Peace Studies Institute at Manchester University, joins us to delve into the dynamics of conflict transformation and its significance in education and community development.

In this episode, Dr. Gray Brown discusses conflict transformation and encourages us to think of conflict as a means for growth and positive change. The conversation addresses the opportunities of integrating conflict transformation education into various settings, such as the SHECP Summer Internship program. Dr. Gray Brown draws attention to the modest but important objectives of conflict transformation education: giving people the knowledge to resolve disputes courageously, empathetically, and effectively.

Programs like the Peace Studies Institute at Manchester University and initiatives like the conflict transformation curriculum in SHECP play a vital role in empowering individuals and communities to build a more just world. To learn more about the Peace Studies Institute at Manchester University, visit their website here.

During the episode, Dr. Gray Brown suggests interested viewers take "Conflict Styles Assessment" from the US Institute of Peace. Here is a link to that survey.


SHECP work on Conflict Transformation is made possible by the Middlebury Conflict Transformation Collaborative. Middlebury College has “made a commitment to serve as an incubator for research, teaching, and student experiences to address divisiveness in society.” Soon, members from the Collaborative will join us on SHECP Talks to talk about their work with over one hundred partners and their vision to “to embed principles and practices of conflict transformation in the liberal arts from high school to graduate school.” 


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