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SHECP Talks Has Launched!

We are very excited to share that our podcast, SHECP Talks, has officially launched! This podcast provides featured guests the opportunity to share valuable insights, experiences and lessons learned throughout their time at SHECP.

In the following episodes, the SHECP team provides their insights surrounding the SHECP 2020 Summer Internship Program. From program development to academic program expansion and opportunities for engagement, listeners will learn about the great changes happening at our organization and in our Internship Program. You can access all four interviews below:

Interview with Jim Langford, Executive Director, SHECP

Jim highlights how the COVID-19 pandemic has provided SHECP with opportunities through a virtual space for reflection, research, vocational exploration, and community building activities presents a great opportunity for us to expand our vision for the academic reach of SHECP to go beyond the summer.

Interview with Stephanie R. Rolph, PhD, Academic Director, SHECP

Stephanie shares her insights on this year’s Academic Programming, including the unique approach to education about poverty and the different educational activities that are taking place during the SHECP 2020 Summer Internship Program.

Interview with Amy DeHart, Internship Director, SHECP

Amy shares her insights about recent developments with the SHECP 2020 Summer Internship Program, including updates in the way the program is taking place during the summer.

Interview with Danielle Breidung, M.Ed., SHECP Alumna, Strategic Planning and Projects Consultant

Danielle shares important information for alumni and individuals interested in providing support to SHECP during the summer and beyond. This includes different engagement opportunities for the SHECP 2020 Summer Internship Program and other ways to support SHECP.


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