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Student-led Discussions for Monday, 2:45 PM

2:45 PM Session E, Washington & Lee University, Science Center

1) Parmly 307                     “The Ethics of Freedom: Consequences for American Healthcare,” Sarah Onyx Marosi, The College of Wooster and Abby Block, Washington and Lee University. Convener: Howard Pickett (Washington and Lee)

2) A 214                                “Race, Poverty, and the Criminal Justice System,” Chris Stella, Elon University Law School, and Brianna Cunningham, Bucknell University. Convener: Anne Gibbons (Lynchburg)

3) A 114                                “Can we define and understand poverty without living in poverty?” Wesley Saintilnord, Berea College. Convener: Tim Diette (Washington and Lee)

4) Ground 14                      “Building Civic Consensus for Effective Social Change,” Kjersti Kleine, Furman University; Jennifer Saccente and Jordan Cohen, Washington and Lee University; and Marina Giannirakis, John Carroll University. Convener: Anne Gibbons (Lynchburg)

5) Ground 16                      “Opportunity for Ex-offenders in the Workforce.” Colin Wallace, Emma Swabb, and Cameron Lee, Washington and Lee. Convener: Duke Cancelmo (Council Member)

6) IQ Center                       “Circumstantial and Structural Barriers to Governmental Assistance,” Kate Johnson, Middlebury College, and Elena Diller and Lilly Grella, Washington and Lee University. Convener: Tom Shepherd (Council Member)

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