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The Geography of Poverty in Pandemic: Academic Program for SHECP Summer 2020

SHECP’s programming theme for Summer 2020, The Geography of Poverty in Pandemic, recognizes the geographic variability of poverty’s manifestations. Understood comparatively, poverty’s relationship to location—urban, rural, suburban, regional—is a critical piece of how we know what we know about poverty, how we engage that knowledge toward intervention, and how we knit our personal and professional responsibilities into partnerships aimed at the alleviation of poverty.

Throughout the summer, SHECP interns will engage in remote work that will intersect with the current realities our country is facing. The different agency assignments and weekly activities that the interns will perform will provide them a more robust understanding of poverty and its solutions. By working within SHECP’s Student Learning Outcomes—Knowledge, Engagement, and Responsibility—interns will identify the individuals affected by poverty and the professionals engaged in disrupting poverty.

The following categories provide focus to each of the learning outcomes while creating connection and integration among all three.

The Geography of Poverty in a Pandemic

  1. Places in Need discussion sections

  2. City-based research projects

  3. Mapping the pandemic onto “places in need”

Communities of Practice

  1. Agency work assignments

  2. Professional cohorts with partner mentorship

  3. Reflections on remote work and poverty

Portraying Poverty and the Pandemic

  1. Responsible partnership for raising awareness and initiating action at critical moments

In order to help the students contextualize their work in the larger field of poverty studies and intervention work, this summer they will engage with the following Academic Program components:

  1. Featured Scholar

  2. Weekly Cohort Groups

  3. Flipgrid Reflections

  4. ePortfolios

  5. Keynote Events

Contact Stephanie R. Rolph, PhD – Academic Director at for more information.


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