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Thomas H. Lee Partners, LP Honors Tom and Nancy Shepherd

Thomas H. Lee Partners, LP Honors Tom and Nancy Shepherd

Thomas H. Lee Partners in Boston, where Tom Shepherd worked for twelve years as a Managing Director, has contributed $50,000 to the Shepherd Consortium in Tom’s memory to honor the Shepherds. The contribution recognizes “all the good work they have done for so many people for so many years.”  The gift is unrestricted, for use to advance Tom’s legacy in promoting poverty studies in higher education.

Harlan Beckley, Executive Director of the Shepherd Consortium, observes, “This generous contribution and other gifts in Tom’s memory will be used in the most effective manner possible to continue Tom’s goal of preparing undergraduate and professional graduates from higher education institutions to diminish poverty and expand opportunities in whatever professional and civic activity they undertake.  I heard Tom say many times: ‘Let’s get on with it.’  We will do just that.”

Tony DiNovi, Co-President of Thomas H. Lee Partners, wrote in announcing this gift, “Tom is an old, dear friend, and we all miss him greatly.”  DiNovi adds, “We at THL cannot think of a better way to honor Tom and Nancy than a contribution to support their life-long passion.”

Nancy Shepherd responded, “Tom worked for a number of years with Thomas H. Lee Partners with great enjoyment.  He retired to start his own business, but continued to maintain his friendship with his former partners.  I know he would be deeply touched by their generous gift to a cause he cared about so much.”

Margaret Finucane, Chair of the Shepherd Consortium Board, has worked with Tom Shepherd for more than three years and adds her appreciation for Tom’s inspiration and leadership that has brought us to this new possibility in higher education: “Tom and Nancy both provided passionate leadership for higher education, encouraging us to do more to address poverty. We will miss Tom’s combination of passion and prudence, but will continue to benefit from it.

Tom and Nancy’s youngest daughter, Lisa Shepherd Beneche, knowing how much her father loved to dance, added, “I can visualize Dad dancing in utter joy for hours in heaven when his friends at THL Partners opened their hearts with the very generous gift to the Consortium!  I am so thankful that they felt inspired by mom and dad.”


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