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3/12/20 Update – 2020 Summer Internship Program

3/12/2020 Update

Dear SHECP Community,

SHECP continues to stay abreast of the latest reports on the novel virus that is causing COVID-19. As you are well aware, we are a community representing multiple geographic locations–both through our membership and in our internship presence in cities across the country. While the internship is months away, it is critical that we consistently monitor conditions on our respective campuses, communities, and cities/countries of origin for our SHECP interns, faculty, and staff.

You are, undoubtedly, following campus protocols and procedures provided by your institution’s communications team. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has provided helpful guidelines along multiple scenarios, and we encourage you to stay informed of the updates it provides. Of special significance is the CDC’s “Interim Guidance for Administrators of US Institutions of Higher Education,” which is aimed toward containment of COVID-19 among students, staff, and faculty.

As the situation continues to evolve and the internship approaches, SHECP will evaluate conditions with an eye toward prioritizing the health and safety of our interns and the responsibility we hold as an organization to contain further outbreaks.

Earlier today, we sent a note to all 2020 summer interns (see link) that outlined our concerns. That note will also appear on our website. We committed to get back to them with timely updates as we know more about how the virus will affect our summer plans. We are maintaining an optimistic attitude while also planning for contingencies in the event that we must make significant changes to the 2020 summer program.

Additionally, SHECP has created a COVID-19 Response Team comprised of our staff as well as select members of our Governing Board and our Advisory Council. I am heading that team, and we are conversing regularly.

If you have any questions, you may contact me via email at Alternatively, you may also contact our Academic Director, Dr. Stephanie Rolph at, or our Internship Director, Amy DeHart, at

All best wishes,

Jim Langford, Executive Director – SHECP

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