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4/24/20 Update – 2020 Summer Internship Program

4/24/20 Update

Dear SHECP Community,

I would like to update you regarding our plan for moving forward with 2020 SHECP Summer Internships. We have had multiple conversations with member schools, agency partners, and students over the last few weeks to ensure options were fully considered.

Great organizations find ways to face challenges head-on, dig deep into their creative resources, and build for the future. SHECP sees itself as one of these kinds of organizations.

We are taking the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to creatively adapt our summer internships to new formats. Perhaps even more importantly, we have used this moment to expand our vision for the academic reach of SHECP and thereby expand our inventory of academic programs for this summer and beyond.

We have established options for students that include:

  1. Participating in the internship remotely with the original matched partner agency. If the agency is not able to provide remote work and supervision, we will find another desirable and workable match.

  2. Working with students’ home institutions to define other internship opportunities. SHECP can also assist in making this option viable.

  3. Deferring the 2020 internship to the summer of 2021. In this instance, we will use our best efforts to place the student with their original partner agency match.

We encourage students to first discuss these options with their home institutions. SHECP will assist the student and the institution with evaluating options and providing any necessary or new information.

Stay tuned over the next few days and weeks as we provide you with continuing insights into our expanding umbrella of academic programs and the implications for new programming during the 2020 Summer Internships.

If you have any questions, contact Academic Director, Dr. Stephanie Rolph, at, or our Internship Director, Amy DeHart, at Alternatively, you may choose to email me at


Jim Langford, Executive Director – SHECP

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