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Leading and Learning: SHECP Mentors and Their Community Impact

Our mentors are an essential part of the success of our SHECP 2020 Summer Internship Program. From day one, they have been working towards creating a space where the interns can come together in conversation about the different topics that support the study of poverty.

On a weekly basis, our mentors follow a checklist that provides guidance regarding the different scheduled activities for the week, alongside tips and prompt questions to follow when hosting discussions with the interns.

Included in the list are activities like reviewing academic materials and student assignments, watching student responses on Flipgrid, registering for Keynote events, and reading the assigned chapters of the summer reading. All of these activities support the role of the mentors as support figures, allowing them to develop a better understanding of their cohort and finding ways to best support the learning of their interns.

Thank you, mentors, for all you do. We are grateful for your support and the impact you bring to the study of poverty.

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