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SHECP coordinates and supports a Summer Internship Program where cohorts of interns live together and work full-time with community partners engaged in anti-poverty work. With placements available across various locations and sectors, the SHECP internship is curated to give students with an academic grounding in poverty the opportunity to deepen their understanding of poverty, including its definitions, causes, and potential solutions, while providing substantive support to agencies working in underserved communities.


Alongside the vital hands-on experience, interns engage in a variety of academic and professional development programs throughout the summer to strengthen their connection with practitioners, local communities, and their peers. SHECP aims to develop student civic responsibility through experiential learning, promote respect for diverse communities, and facilitate poverty awareness that leads students to intentionally integrate anti-poverty action in their post-graduate vocations and personal lives.

Want to learn more? Check out the 2022  Zoom Info Session to hear from SHECP staff and alumni.

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Intern Insights

Interns will have a deeper and richer understanding of another person’s life experiences…It’s a successful internship if [interns] go out into the world with a more compassionate heart, a more tender approach to others, and to recognize that there is such great worth in everyone.

Kim Cosgrove

PACT World of Care, Director

SHECP Community Partner

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