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SHECP's Executive Director, Tim Diette, Travels to Our Summer Cohorts!

This summer, Tim traveled hundreds of miles to check-in with our amazing SHECP interns. The SHECP Internship is specifically designed to place students in a new city, in housing with interns from other SHECP member schools, and in agencies doing hands-on, front-line work. While this provides the opportunity to deepen their understanding of poverty, it is also an opportunity to interns to push themselves outside of their normal comfort zone. Whether over breakfast in Baltimore or dinner in Louisville, these meals provided an opportunity for Tim to listen to interns reflect on their first weeks on-site with their agency and provide encouragement for the hard work they still had in front of them.

During his visits, Tim also met with community agencies to receive valuable feedback on how our summer programming is progressing and how SHECP can support their work going forward.


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